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1. Advertise your Business or Event with a Banner!

Advertise your Business or Event with a Banner!

Advertising your business, promoting your event or brand can be as easy as ABC with our help and advice. Christmas is approaching, a busy time of year for parties and promotions, so your publicity budget will be stretched. A printed PVC banner is ideal for informing the public about who you are and what you do. They are a cost-effective and simple solution. Here are a few pointers that will help you acquire more customers for your business or visitors to your events.

Which banner do I choose?

Choosing the right banner is important. It should be tough enough to withstand our changeable weather conditions and eye-catching to stand out from your neighbours and competitors. We can help you. Give us a brief and our in-house designer will create an attention-grabbing banner. Your banner will be printed using fade-resistant inks onto 440gsm PVC. The reinforced edges add rigidity and the metal eyelets provide fixing points that won’t fail when the wind blows.

Where should I position my banner?

If your business, school or club has a lot of passing trade, you should install your banner on an external wall of your building or a perimeter fence. If any part of your building faces a busy road, which sees thousands of cars drive past every day, you could install the banner onto the outside wall to make sure it’s by as many people as possible.

You might need planning approval from your local council before you hang a banner on the roadside, it can cause a distraction to road users. So, best to check first.

What information do I need to include on my banner?

Trying to show off your business using a very small space can be very challenging. But we have a lot of experience, so you can be confident we can produce a cracking banner. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, but too many graphics be can confusing and obscure your message. Our recommendation is to keep things simple and focus on the important details. Your logo is a must as well as your contact details, your website address, social media pages, email address and phone number. This makes it easy for the public to find out more information.

What you need to do next.

We can design your banner and print it on our excellent wide-format printer.

Interested? You can contact us on 0121 773 1477 or email us at info@jconnorsigns.co.uk It’s that simple.

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2. Vehicle Graphics and Sign Writing - 10, 5, 3... One compelling reason

The bottom line is simple, all companies want to attract more paying customers to thier business. So, what better way than to use our delivery vans, service vehicles or car fleet to do that job.

You might decide on a traditional sign written vehicle displaying your name and contact details or you could make a statement and have a partial vehicle wrap. 

Some of our customers have attributed the increase in income down to an attention-grabbing vehicle.

If growing your turnover is not convincing you, consider these additional advantages:

☑ Increase audience reach – imagine the number of people you drive past each day!

☑ 24/7 promotion – advertise your business all day, every day.

☑ Cost-effective advertising – you pay only once, no additional cost for repeat appearances.

☑ Flexibility – If your message changes, just re-wrap your vehicle – it’s cheaper than a complete paint job!

Take a look at our Vehicle Graphics page for a few more ideas.

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3. Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas
and A Happy New Year!

From everyone at J Connor Signs we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous 2016!

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4. End of an era... But moving forward

After more than 30 years in these premises, it is only natural to feel mixed emotions when we are packing everything up to move to our new unit.

It has taken a while to sort through all the ‘stuff’ we seem to have accumulated over that time - bits of signage work that we have kept, old van designs... Did we ever actually sign write directly to vans?

I found some clip art books that made me laugh now to look back through them and remember how we used to do artwork and design for our signs, banners and printing, not like today when everything seems to be done on computer (apart from Derek hand written signs of course!)

However, looking back, while it’s fun to remember it doesn’t move us forward, so we have been busy painting and preparing the new unit. It has been fitted out specifically to our design, so we have a lovely, bright, clean print room to accommodate our new 1600mm (over 5 foot) wide format printer. We will now have a larger, more versatile production area, enabling us to complete all types of signage and sign work and we can drive vehicles straight into this production area to apply vehicle graphics in a more controlled environment.

There a few minor downsides, one problem is that I have to share an office (albeit quite large one) with my brother! Anyone got any partitions they want to give away!

Our new unit needs a nice new sign but we have decided to remove and make use of our existing signage fittings, which will fit nicely at our new unit. Derek was tasked with removing the signs, but we are sprucing up them up and refurbishing theses signs, applying new graphics, that is all in keeping with our new branding that we started on our website.

Production shuts down at our old premises on Thursday 25th June and we re-open at Unit 19, St. Andrews Ind. Est, Sydney Road, Birmingham, B9 4QB bright and early on Monday 29th June 2015.

You are very welcome to come along and visit us in our new home and we will give you the “grand tour”!

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5. Only 8 Days to the Big Move!

After more than 30 years at 89 Bordesley Green Road, where our Dad, John Connor started the business, we are moving to pastures new!  It’s not far - just around the corner from where we are now, to the St Andrews Industrial Estate, Sydney Road

We’re changing our address but our telephone number remains the same - 0121 773 1477

In our new industrial unit we have built a dedicated print room to accommodate our brand new 1600mm (over 5 foot) wide Mutoh large format printer to print your signs, graphics and banners.

Wide Format Printer

There’s loads of room to bring your vehicles to have graphics and wraps applied in a dry and clean environment. So, we can design your vehicle graphics and wraps, print them and then apply them, all under one roof - literally. 

Smart Car Vehicle Graphics

We can cover anything from a tiny Smart car to a long wheelbase panel van. 

Van graphics part wrapped

We would love you to drop by and visit us at our new address: 

Unit 19, St Andrews Industrial Estate, 
Sydney Road, Birmingham, B9 4QB
Tel: 0121 773 1477


Give us a call first, so that we can get the posh biscuits in!

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6. Signwriting in the news

Traditional Signwriting has been making the news recently with 3 stories on the BBC website in the last month. 

BBC website

The stories of "Ghost Signs" made it to the regional news channels  - up in the North West  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-30734045 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-30703573  but of more interest to us in Birmingham, Midlands Today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-30994224 featuring many gently fading signs around the Birmingham area, some of which could well have been done by our Signwriting family, as at J Connor Signs, Derek the signwriting member of the our team continues to practice the skills passed on to him from his Father, who in turn learnt from his Father, as did his Father before him.

We have found that traditional hand painted sign writing has had a tremendous revival in recent times. More and more of our clients are realising that a hand painted sign adds character, makes you stand out from your competitors and a unique, artistic appearance to your signage.

Traditional Sign Writing has never been out of the news as far as we are concerned at J Connor Signs. We are busy are keeping the traditional methods alive for our customers and applaud the efforts of Tracey Thorne to document and preserve these "works of art".

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7. Is there a difference between sign making and sign writing?

We can’t be accurate about the introduction of signs to civilisation, but evidence suggests that they were around in ancient Roman times. Examples have been uncovered in the ruins of Pompeii advertising gladiatorial games and forthcoming elections.

Carved inscriptions from this era (known as Roman Square Capitals or Trajan) were created with calligraphic brush strokes by master sign writers painting on marble - the letterforms were then made permanent by the chiselling process.

Painted signs, as we know them, displayed pictures or symbols because few people could read. As cities expanded, tradesmen used pictorial signs to identify their houses and these became the principal means of navigation.

In England, lettering on signs did not become commonplace until the 18th century when literacy rates increased. The development of the craft of sign writing was effectively complete by the start of the Victorian era.

For the next hundred years, there were painted signs everywhere, and the demand for sign writers was huge. Some learned as apprentices or family members, some were trained formally in a trade school, and others simply taught themselves. They would work on shops, pubs and narrow boats, on factories and hoardings; government departments and the military employed some sign writers, full-time, both at home and abroad.

Sign making, on the other hand, is a 21st Century innovation. The demand for new and creative ways of advertising commercial, business and retail premises led to the development of acrylic signs, vinyl signs, printed signs, neon signs and digital displays, all produced on an enormous scale with modern machinery.

J. Connor Signs are both sign makers and sign writers – a rare combination. Established in 1968, the business is still a family run concern with traditional values and skills, using the latest digital manufacturing processes to create intricate illuminated signage or eye-catching vehicle graphics and of course traditionally handcrafted signs. 

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