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Before the days of computers and CAD the only way to do signage was by hand. Although other Sign companies offer Traditional Signwriting very few actually do it “in house”.

Sign making has progressed in many ways over recent years, but at J Connor Signs we keep the traditional methods alive. The signwriting member of our team continues to practice the skills passed on to him from his Father, who in turn learnt from his Father, as did his Father before him. Five generations of artisans stretching back over 100 years.

We have found that traditional hand painted sign writing has had a tremendous revival in recent times, with more and more of our clients realising that this adds character, individuality and a genuinely artistic appearance to any signage. A quality hand-painted sign can say so much more to your customers than computer-generated vinyl lettering can ever do. We also offer gold leaf application to add sparkle to traditional signs and we can do traditional honours boards too.

So, go to the experts in Traditional Signwriting— J Connor Signs.

To show some of our traditional skills in action, using modern technology, we have set up a YouTube channel our first video shows our in house Signwriter doing it “the old fashioned way!”
Click to watch our video – Signwriting the way it used to be done!